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Welcome to the best website on the internet for those looking for information, resources and products for Woodworm Treatment! If you’ve found that you have a woodworm infestation, whether it is in your furniture, your house timbers or in your garden then we’re here to give you all of the information you’ll need.

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What is Woodworm?Woodworm Treatment

Before you start considering woodworm treatment, don’t you think it’s about time you understood what woodworm actually is?

Woodworm isn’t just a single species of insect, but instead a diverse range of at least 10 species of woodboring beetle. These beetles lay their eggs onto and into wooden surfaces. Once these eggs hatch the larvae eat their way through your valuable furniture and structural timbers and leave unsightly holes. A serious woodworm infestation is not just bad for aesthetics though, it can seriously affect the integrity of your furniture and timbers.

For more information on how to identify woodworm visit our Identification page.

What causes Woodworm?

Woodworm is caused by keeping wood in the damp. Woodworm evolved to thrive by eating the dead wood in forests and woodland. If you have wood that is damp then this simulates this environment perfectly! One case of woodworm has the potential to spread to other pieces of timber and wood throughout your garden and home. It is because of this that you find an effective woodworm treatment quickly!

Options for Woodworm Treatment

There are several options that you can consider as methods as woodworm treatment. In many instances it may be best to actually throw away the piece of furniture that is infested by woodworm. This is to stop the infestation spreading to other pieces of furniture and also because it may not be structurally sound. There are teams of trained exterminators which specialise in woodworm treatment; you should easily be able to find quotes from an exterminator in your local area. For more information on woodworm treatment visit our Treatment page.

However this can often be expensive; there are also a large range of woodworm treatment products that you can use for treating woodworm yourself. For more information on this go to our Products page.

Preventing Woodworm

Considering woodworm treatment can be a headache! A better option for you in future would be to avoid the infestation altogether.

One of the best ways to avoid woodworm is to prevent your house, furniture and wood from staying in a damp environment. They key to this is make sure that your house is well heated and circulated. With the advent of central heating cases of woodworm have become much less common.

For more information and ideas on how to prevent woodworm check out our Prevention page.

Woodworm Treatment Products

There are a range of products that are available to treat woodworm, the most common of which being varnishes. These varnishes are applied directly to the wood and contain insecticides and chemicals that will kill any infestation.

There are also sprays that can be applied to furniture and timber that is infected with woodworm, these are reasonably priced and can be a very quick and easy way of treating a local case of woodworm.

For more information on these products that can frequently be a more cost effective way of treating woodworm then visit our Products page.